Frequently Asked Questions

Who comes on the tours?

Many people assume that only backpackers come on free walking tours. This is not the case. These tours are for everyone no matter how you travel, where you are from, how old your are, what type of budget you have etc.

Who runs the tours?

I (Ryan) run these tours. At the moment, I am the only one who gives the tours. I study Computer Science at Adelaide University and love getting out and showing people around this beautiful city!

Why are there limited spaces for the free walking tours?

The main reason for limiting the spaces for the free walking tours is to ensure enjoyment for both participants and guides. If you are coming on a free walking tour of Adelaide, chances are that you have been on another free walking tour somewhere else in the world. As you may have seen, many other tours have group sizes of 35+ people as it is hard to determine how many people will come on any given day.  By limiting the spaces and requiring everyone to book in, we can make sure that there is a good guide to participant ratio so everyone can hear and have a good time. 


What should I wear/bring on the tours?

We recommend wearing comfortable footwear, appropriate for a 4km walk in the city. We also recommend bringing things appropriate to the weather i.e. A hat, sunscreen, long sleeve shirt and sunglasses when its hot and sunny and rain jackets or umbrellas when it is rainy. It is also a good idea to bring a water bottle.

How long are the tours?

The Free Walking Tours run for about 2 hours.

Are tours ever cancelled?

Some walking tours run "rain, hail or shine". We, however, do cancel when there is bad weather. Safety is our number one priority and weather conditions can jeopardise the safety of both participants and guides. 

The tours are cancelled if:

 - The weather is forecast to be 38 degrees or more

 - It is forecast for thunder and lightening storms 

 - It is going to hail

 - There will be extremely strong winds and/or rain

 - Any other reason deemed appropriate by the tour guide/management

Tours Around Adelaide will check the Bureau of Meteorology regularly and advise all participants who are booked in if a tour is cancelled. Cancellations may happen up to an hour before the scheduled start of the tour. 

How will I identify the guide at the meeting point?

The guide will be holding a BLUE UMBRELLA

Are tours offered on public holidays?

Only some tours are run on some public holidays. Go to book a tour and check if your desired date is available. If it is not, then unfortunately the tours won't run on that day. Some tours only allow participants to register 2 months in advance. If want to check if a tour is running more than two months in the future, please email

What is a 'free' tour and how is it free?

Free walking tours started in Berlin in 2005 when a man called Chris Sandeman, an out of work tour guide, needed to make money. Instead of charging people up front for his tours, he invited them to come along for free and only pay what they thought the tour was worth at the end of the tour. Free tours now operate in over 100 cities in the world and is the tour of choice for many different types of travellers.

Are there minimum and maximum number of people allowed on the tours?

Firstly, there are no minimums for any of our tours. We do however have maximums. For the free walking tours, we try our best to keep tours under 20 people.

What will I see on the free walking tours?

There is a mix of everything! History, culture, street art, arcades, laneways, sport, the riverbank and much more!

If you have any other questions, you can contact us here

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